G o t t   z u m   G r u ß e !



We are a medieval community of interests, which loves and lives the medieval way of life (latin: Mediaevalis Cultus).


Mediaevalis Cultus was established 2010 (20th March 2010) in Alsbach at a spring of water in a medieval ceremony.


Our home castle is the castle Frankenstein (Mühltal near by Darmstadt, for your Navi: Darmstadt - Josephweg),

on which we also partial knight camps.


Old handicraft, knighthood, medieval fight show (re-enactment of medieval battles), the life of the aristocracy and the peasantry will be recalled by us again.


Four times per year, we meet in medieval clothes to our regulars´ table on castle Frankenstein, where we talk about our activities and then, in nice round, we laugh and talk about everything - and that not only over the Middle Ages !!!

We go to medieval markets and have other events on castle Frankenstein.



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We support also on request actively schools, Kindergarten, museums, exhibitions, associations etc. with their medieval projects.



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Our sword combat training - Summer 2013 (April - October)


Tuesday (19 - 21 o´clock)

HOLLYWOOD on castle Frankenstein or

Weiherhausstadion in Bensheim-Auerbach

(Please, check our calendar)


Sunday (14 - 17 o´clock)

HOLLYWOOD on castle Frankenstein



In wintertime we are not all Sunday´s on the castle,

because it´s too cold for the sword combat training

(for the humans and also for the steel).


- - - please contact us for informations if you want to visit us in the wintertime - - -


Our trainer, Ritter Falk von Rodenstein, will show you the

difference between swordfight "Hollywood style" and "historic".